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Nehemiah: Unleash the Leader Within You

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Nehemiah: Unleash the Leader Within You

In the life of Nehemiah, we discover how God turns ordinary people like you and me into leaders.

What brought an ordinary guy like you or me, totally content with his life as it was, to a place of holy discontent? What motivated a person with no known leadership ability to sense God's plans and act on them when no one else had? And what can the story of Nehemiah speak to us not just about our own callings and passions, but also about the next chapter of our mission here at Grace? The answers may surprise you. Nehemiah has a lot to teach us about how to live our lives with meaning and purpose, so that God can use them to influence and impact the lives of others. Join us as we read through the story of Nehemiah and discover during this 5-week series how to unleash the leader within you!

Oct. 23 — Ordinary World Changers (chapter 1)
Oct. 30 — A Leader Prepares a Plan (chapters 2-3)
Nov. 6 — A Leader Defeats Discouragement (chapters 4-7)
Nov. 13 — A Leader Walks the Walk (chapters 8-10)
Nov. 20 — A Leader Glorifies God (chapters 11-12)

November 20, 2011

A Leader Glorifies God

Speaker: Brian Croyle Series: Nehemiah: Unleash the Leader Within You Topic: KNOW God personally & fully Passage: Nehemiah 8:1–8:12