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Living the Fast Life

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Living the Fast Life

A Lent series on repentance and renewal.

Are you living the fast life?

These days there is a saying, “they’re living the fast life”. It usually means that a person is living a dangerous, reckless lifestyle that is pretty much bound to get him (or her) in trouble. Others live the “fast life” by constantly being on the go, never slowing down.

During the season of Lent, there is one other way to live the “fast life,” and that is by choosing to give up something precious for a season in order to gain something even more precious.

Lent is actually season of repentance, which comes from a Hebrew word meaning “to return home.” As the old hymn says, our hearts are “prone to wander.” Temptation pulls us away from God's heart and leads us away from our true home. But Lent is an opportunity to reorient our hearts, to return home to the heart of God.

Join us as we wrestle with some of the most common temptations in our lives today and, along the way, come to better understand the heartbeat of God for those living away from Him. Together this March, let’s “live fast”!

  • Mar. 8: Resisting Temptation — Matthew 4:1-11
  • Mar. 15: The Temptation of Appetite — Exodus 17:1-7
  • Mar. 22: The Temptation of Ambition — John 7:1-10
  • Mar. 29: The Temptation of Affirmation — Matthew 6:1-8


Join in a small group during this series!

We believe there is much more that God would like to say to us during Lent than we can possibly cram into a Sunday morning. To help you go deeper, we are making small groups and a study guide available. 


Small groups doing this specific study during March:

  • Oasis small group, Sunday mornings 9am, Grace room 1 (contact Rick Drost)
  • Peterson small group, Monday evenings 7pm, nearby homes (contact Rod Peterson)