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Serving Made Simple


Serving Made Simple is a campaign to help you connect to easy-entry service opportunities at Grace. Many of our volunteer needs require some training and commitment. SMS is different. The opportunities listed here require little training, offer flexible scheduling, and you can sign up online. There are five core areas where you can serve.

Provide practical, compassionate help for individuals and families in need. Click to learn more.

breezeway-buttonExtend a warm welcome on Sunday mornings by greeting newcomers and making new friends. Click to learn more.

kitchen-buttonCreate fellowship around food by cooking for Alpha or serving coffee at Sunday morning's Common Grounds. Click to learn more.

admin-buttonWork with our office staff to prepare the bulletin and presentations for our Sunday services. Click to learn more.

stage-buttonEnhance our worship by reading Scripture, participating in a dramatic presentation, or artfully mixing music and video images. Click to learn more.