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When God is Misunderstood

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When God is Misunderstood

Have you ever sent a carefully-worded email or text to someone, only to have it misunderstood? Perhaps the other person read something into your words that you didn’t mean, or focused on a word or phrase and took it out of context?

No matter how clear we try to be when communicating, words fail us at times. We come from different backgrounds, we've had different experiences, we think differently, so our communication with each other is imperfect. Every day we run the risk of being misunderstood.

The same is true with God. Long ago, God decided to communicate one consistent message to us about how we are to understand Him and the world we live in, His perspective on life and expectations of us.

We know it as the Bible. God carefully preserved that message over the centuries. Even still, we live in a very different time and culture from those ancient, Hebrew-speaking people. We read God's message in a language different from its original writing. Words or phrases read in isolation can be misunderstood.

Join us this summer as we look at some of the most popular verses in Scripture where God's Word is often misunderstood today. Discover what God really means, and why that matters.

July 23, 2017

Use What God Entrusted You With

Speaker: Bigimba Ngabo Series: When God is Misunderstood Topic: GO out & make a kingdom difference Passage: Matthew 25:14–25:30