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Extreme Parenting

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Extreme Parenting

Can following God's plan for parenting help our kids turn out the way we deeply hope for as parents?

Every parent wants their children to reach adulthood ready to succeed, but unfortunately kids don't come with a training manual. Few parents are confident in knowing the secrets to equipping their kids for the challenges they will face in today's world, as it looks so much different from what it did a generation or two ago.

In the age of extremes we live in, with everything from extreme sports to extreme home makeovers, a new network reality TV series called "Extreme Parenting" shows some parents stopping at absolutely nothing to provide their little ones with what they believe to be the very best, even though the rest of the world sees these methods as drastic and even detrimental.

At the same time, increasing numbers of young people are not only living much differently from how their parents had hoped, they also want little to do with Christianity. Record numbers of young adults who were raised in the Church are leaving the Church once they grow up and leave home. Christian faith is losing its influence on the next generation.

Here is an extreme thought: what if each of us as parents or future parents decided to raise our kids based on the parenting principles taught in the Bible, such as those found in Proverbs 3? What if, for example, we resisted the pull from the rest of the world to focus on making as much money as possible and instead focused on our relationships with kids? On helping kids discover a rich relationship with God based on the example we set for them?

Whether you are a parent-to-be or have a teething one-year-old, a tween testing his limits or a grown child trying to find his or her way, join us as we learn God's extreme parenting plan for parents to equip their children for success.