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Build Your Kingdom Here: Haggai

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Build Your Kingdom Here: Haggai

We’re all building something.

We’re building our careers, our fortunes, our friendships, families, homes. Whatever we spend time on, whatever we invest in is what we are building into.

The Old Testament prophet Haggai was in ministry for less than a year. But in that time, God used him to challenge the priorities of the people of his day. God’s temple lay in ruins and rather than rebuilding it, they worked on their own homes. Kingdom priorities took a back seat to personal luxuries. God wanted to remind them that His mission in the world was not yet completed. God’s church was and is still central to his plan for his glory.

God used Haggai to challenge Israel to take a good, hard look at their lives. And this little book, telling a story from centuries ago, can help us to do the same today.

Join us in June as we experience God’s Word through Haggai’s four short sermons