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Loving Your Neighbors

Consider what Jesus did and commands of us - love.

Living the Christian life can feel a little cumbersome sometimes. We ask ourselves, "Am I focusing on the right things in life? Is my spiritual life leading me to be a better follower of Jesus?" Others can see living a spiritual life as confusing, one filled with lots of rules.

In Jesus' day, lots of Jewish people felt this same tension, as they tried to observe hundreds of rules in order to live a life pleasing to God. Jesus simply said – love. Love God, and love your neighbor. In our last series we learned how to deepen our love with God through relationship; now we’ll learn to love others as Jesus asks of us.

Jesus says in Matthew 28 that the primary mission of the Church is to make disciples, to help people discover a life-changing relationship with Christ, through the way we love God and love them.

So who is my neighbor? And how do I love them? Join us this month as we learn from the Bible what is most on God’s heart, and how we can find true fulfillment and joy in life as we partner with Him.

January 9, 2011

God Speaks: Word for the Year

Speaker: Jed Hollenbach Series: 2011 Archives Topic: Misc

January 2, 2011

God is Light

Speaker: Adria Pearson Series: 2011 Archives Topic: KNOW God personally & fully Passage: 1 John 1:1–1:7

December 12, 2010

Worship Fully

Speaker: Doug Stevens Series: 2010 Archives Topic: KNOW God personally & fully

November 28, 2010

Give More

Speaker: Doug Stevens Series: 2010 Archives Topic: GO out & make a kingdom difference

November 21, 2010


Speaker: Doug Stevens Series: 2010 Archives Topic: Misc

November 14, 2010

Running the Race

Speaker: Jed Hollenbach Series: 2010 Archives Topic: Misc

November 7, 2010

Something Better

Speaker: Adria Pearson Series: 2010 Archives Topic: Misc

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