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Bible Study Resources

YouVersion Bible App - Take the Bible with you wherever you go. - A great website where you can read the Bible in multiple versions and compare them to each other. - A site containing a Strong's Concordance (a way to see how the words in our Bible came from the Greek or Hebrew) and other Bible study tools.

Connect to Grace

Realm - This is our online directory and church life connection center. If you need assistance signing up or just need more information, click here.

Parents and Teenagers

AverageYouthMinistry - This is a blog written by another youth pastor within the Evangelical Covenant Church. He often writes about today's teenagers. Click here for a particularly interesting article about student apathy.

Youth in the Main Service - Often we get asked about youth helping/ attending "big church" with the adults. Here is a great article about that.

Download Youth Ministry - it can be really discouraging to be a parent of a teenager. This article is about being discouraged in student ministry, but the same principles apply to anyone who has any role with students at all... whether that be as a teacher, a youth worker, or a parent. You can find the article here.

Dating - One of the biggest questions about teenagers is about dating. Here is an article that provides a few different thoughts on how to talk to teenagers about dating.