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Leadership teams

We believe that God has equipped every believer with gifts tailored to serve God's purposes in his Church; among those gifts are leadership and service.

We believe in a team approach to leadership, in which both paid staff and volunteers join together to accomplish the work and ministry of the church. Leadership is both a privilege and a responsibility. We are intentional about identifying, encouraging, and nurturing men and women regardless of age in the effective use of their gifts in God's Kingdom.

Leadership Teams

The Foundations Team — Church members elect 6-8 men and women to work with the pastor, setting priorities for the church and monitoring the church's spiritual health and vitality. The Foundations Team takes its vision from the New Testament's model for church elders. Contact them at


The Operations Team — The team is composed of 6-8 members, elected by the church, who are responsible to oversee church operations, making certain that the physical, logistical and technical needs of the church body, ministry teams, and church staff are adequately provided for. The Operations Team takes its vision from the New Testament's model for church deacons. Contact them at


The Operations Team works closely with the Financial Management Team, which includes Keith Ritzmann (bookkeeper) and Lyn Nixon (financial secretary).

Ministry Teams — These are groups of varying sizes are appointed to manage the specific ministry initiatives of the church.

Ministry Leader(s) Email contact
Alpha course Sue Montanez & Carver Nixon

Sue Montanez, Carver Nixon

Benevolence Paul Shedlock Paul Shedlock
Care teams see various coordinators on Care Teams page  
Children's Ministries Lucy Hill, Melanie Irwin Mel & Lucy
Common Grounds / hospitality Tina Steele Tina Steele
DivorceCare Joe Stang & Joanne Braun Joe & Joanne
GriefShare Sandie Ramm Sandie Ramm
Guest Services Center Donna Bloomberg Donna Bloomberg
LifeGroups Sue Montanez Sue Montanez
Global outreach / missions Pete Colan Pete Colan
Local outreach David Hillis David Hillis
Pastoral wellness Jim Heddles Jim Heddles
Prayer ministries Jim & Brenda Heddles Jim & Brenda Heddles
Seniors Val Lloyd Val Lloyd
Student ministries Brian Brinkley Brian Brinkley
Tech teams Charlie Lehardy Charlie Lehardy
Ushers Katie Good, 9am team captain; Dave DeGroot, 10:45am team captain Ushers team
Women's ministries Brenda Heddles Brenda Heddles
Worship Cindy Baker Cindy Baker