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Confirmation course

In our student ministries, we want to make sure students do two things: learn about Jesus and live life together.

One of the best ways we do this is through our confirmation program. It is led by Rob Baker and Ann Peterson and helps us make sure that students leave their middle school years with a good understanding of who God is and how God reveals that plan through the Bible.

Please feel free to email Pastor Brian if you have any questions.

What is confirmation?

Confirmation is a two-year long, Bible-intensive program that meets in room 1 on Sundays during the 10:45am service.  It is designed to help middle school students develop a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and begin discipleship practices like journaling and Bible memorization.  The course runs during the school year, but students have the ability to jump in and get started in the process at any point during the school year.

Why do confirmation?

Besides the obvious benefit of learning about Jesus, confirmation students are eligible for two benefits upon graduation: membership at Grace and a $500 scholarship to go toward any missions effort they engage in while in high school.

JourneyWhat does the course cover?

The material we use during this course is called The Journey.  Its purpose is to foster a deep and abiding relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by encouraging participants to begin, or intentionally continue, a life-long journey as Christ’s disciple.  With this material, not only do students have an opportunity to learn the truths of the Christian faith through the stories of the Bible, but also they have an opportunity to develop discipling relationships with two of our best student mentors. Both are for the purpose of developing a growing relationship with Christ and helping students learn to articulate what they believe about the Bible’s message, and how faith in Christ translates into living out God’s will in the world.

What are the requirements?

Confirmation is a free course, but students are required to attend one end-of-year retreat in April, prepare a 2-3 minute testimony about what they learned in confirmation, and regularly attend both confirmation and student ministry activities at Grace.