Because relationships matter.

Our commitments to each other

At Grace we seek with all of our hearts to love God, follow Christ, and make a Kingdom difference. To make it simple, we like to say that God wants us to Know, Grow, and Go.

We believe that to Know, Grow and Go, we need to incorporate four spiritual commitments into our daily lives. When all four pieces come together in each of our lives, it completes the puzzle and puts us on a trajectory to be complete in Him. What are those four commitments?

Know: Weekend Worship.

Through weekend worship experiences, we come to know and experience the presence of God in the context of a community of believers who want to know God more fully, and increasingly care about what and whom God cares about.

Grow: Personal Time With God.

As we do in any loving relationship, we spend quality time with God in prayer and by studying the Bible.

Grow: Intentional Relationships.

Growing spiritually is not about gaining more knowledge or becoming more religious. It's about developing an intimate relationship with the living God, and with other followers of Jesus.

Go: Serving Others.

As followers of Jesus we are called to serve others. Our calling is often found where our passions and God-given gifts intersect with a particular need.

Want to learn more? We've prepared three age-appropriate brochures that contain more information about what falling in love with God at Grace can look like. There is also a 4-part sermon series that will help you figure out how to explore a deeper relationship with God. Click the links below to download a brochure or visit our Falling in Love with God at Grace sermon page.

Falling in Love with God brochure: