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Juvenile sex trafficking: What can I do?

Study the Scriptures

  • Read Matthew 22:37-40. How do Jesus’ words direct our response to the issue of human trafficking?
  • Read Psalm 9:1-20. Consider what this Psalm means to Christians today within the context of our response to the issue of human trafficking. What does it mean that "the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed," (v. 9) and what part do we play in creating a refuge for the oppressed?
  • Read Psalm 82:3-4 and Amos 5:1-27. These Scriptures speak very strongly on God’s behalf. If we ignore the cries of those imprisoned, we fail to support the cause of justice in this world. But if we heed God’s voice, we will "let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" (Amos 5:24) How important do you think it is that the Church stand for the defenseless and take a lead role in "breaking the chains?"

Educate Yourself

Attend Local Events at Grace and Elsewhere

  • Join Grace's sex trafficking task force Catalysts 4 Freedom.  These team members use their gifts and passion to make a difference, locally and even globally. This group has a vision to seek justice by helping people suffering from domestic juvenile sex trafficking, generating awareness about the issue, and preventing future cases of human trafficking.

Speak Out!

  • Give to those organizations on the front lines locally and globally in anti-human trafficking.
  • Legislation is pending both locally and nationally around the rapidly unfolding issue of human trafficking. What can you do? Write a letter and send it to your legislators!
  • When you see someone who you are concerned may be a trafficking victim, report it immediately. Don't be afraid to call!  Arizona hotline: 888-60-ALERT; U.S. hotline: 888-373-7888

Shop Differently

  • How do the products you buy help expand the blight of human trafficking around the world?  They do...find out from articles like these:  How many slaves work for you?How do you contribute?
  • Did you know that two of the most commonly consumed goods in the U.S. that are predominantly grown on the backs of slave labor are coffee and chocolate?: The Food Revolution.
  • Some U.S. companies do not take any measures to prevent the purchasing of raw materials from foreign suppliers who use slave labor. Take a stand about where to shop and tell your friends: International Labor Rights Forum.

Tell Your Friends

  • Look for opportunities to share what you’ve learned with your friends, family, and others in your circle of influence. Even today, so many know so little about the issue!
  • Join causes on Facebook, so that your Facebook friends will see them and become more aware!

Pray for...

  • a heart that is broken by the plight of trafficked people;
  • those trafficked around the world, for profit and exploitation;
  • those trafficked in our own neighborhoods, such as migrant workers and our own children at the hands of sex traffickers;
  • those organizations working to free them;
  • people to rise up and stop trafficking in their own neighborhoods and countries;
  • the healing and restoration of rescued victims;
  • the traffickers, that they will repent;
  • about how God wants you to respond.

You can become a prayer partner with an anti-trafficking organization like Exodus Cry or International Justice Mission.