Because relationships matter.

Catalina Village


Grace is involved in a long-term partnership with Catalina Village to provide care, respect, and love to a community that is often forgotten.

The residents at Catalina Village often find themselves forgotten and alone without family. Since 2011, Grace has celebrated Christmas with Catalina Village, provided needed facility repairs, conducted mobility and wheelchair repair workshops, provided BBQs and game nights, and adopted individual residents for intentional relationships. In a place where the biggest need is often "just someone to listen," we want to be a people with open ears. 

Provide Mobility

Two companies, Numotion and Hanger, have worked with Grace to fulfill the needs of patients at Catalina Village.  Numotion assesses patients equipment needs (i.e., wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) and helps fix/identify needs and order parts to fix the chairs.  Hanger evaluates patients for splint/orthotics/prosthetics specialty shoes, etc.

Why is this important?  Residents only get $100 for essentials, doctor visits, and other needs. A doctor visit alone can eat up 10%-50% of that on a co-pay. Paying for their equipment or an orthotic they need to walk could cost them a year of their stipend because AHCSS plans either no longer cover these things or minimally cover them.