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Blender Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday

10:45am – 12:05pm

Category: Youth & Children

Grades 6-8 1/2: Confirmation taught by Ann Peterson and Rob Baker

Confirmation will begin in 6th grade and continue through December of 8th grade. Students spend time learning about the Old Testament, New Testament, history of the church, and begin to practice some spiritual habits centered around daily time with God. Confirmation is held every Sunday morning in room 2.


Grades 8 1/2-10: Blender Basics taught by Ryan and Becca Anderson, meeting in Room 1

In this class we will build on what they started in Confirmation.  Students who did not attend Confirmation will still be able to participate.  We will focus on Bible Study, practicing the Christian disciplines, and understanding worship in more depth than they had time for in Confirmation.

Monthly Schedule

  • 1st Sunday of every month (communion Sunday) the youth will attend the second service together and be encouraged to participate fully.
  • 2nd Sunday of every month the class will discuss the topic and questions from the service.
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of every month the class will discuss a book of the Bible.

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