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Because relationships matter.

The Incredible Journey


Take a journey with us through 1 John.

John wrote this letter to put believers back on track, to show the difference between light and darkness, and to encourage the church to grow in genuine love for God and each other. He also wrote to assure believers that they possessed eternal life and to help them know their faith was genuine — so they could enjoy and embrace the benefits of being God's children.

This series will run between Sunday, October 18 (grand opening) and November 22.

  • Oct 18 "Invitation Into Life"
  • Oct 25 "Invitation Into  Light"
  • Nov 1  "Invitation Into Truth"
  • Nov 8  "Invitation Into Love"
  • Nov 15 "The Furious Love of God"
  • Nov 22 "Invitation Into Eternal Life"