Because relationships matter.

Table Talk: New teaching series


For time immemorial, the dinner table has been a place of eating and conversation.

No matter what culture you go to, people all over the world have paused a few times a day to share life together over a meal, discuss the day and talk with each other about what is important. In that sense, the dinner table isn’t just a flat surface people use to dine; it is the place of real relationship between family and friends. It works to bring loved ones close to each other to reconnect and talk.

For the first time in history, many people are starting to lose touch with the value of table talk. Erratic work schedules and extracurricular activities prevent us from enjoying this age-old tradition of eating and talking at the table. Table talk is compromised by smartphones, pulling
us away from face to face conversation and shared life.

The Bible has some lessons, some life examples that show us the value of table talk. Early Christians grew closer to each other and to God around the table, and in Acts 2:42-47 we see that, through table talk, they carried out a grand vision to reach their world for Christ.

Join us in January as we gather together for some “table talk” — to share what is important in our lives as a church family, build relationship, and talk together about the grand vision God has for us in the years to come!

  • 1/7  A place of connection (Luke 22:7-30)
  • 1/14  A place of prayer (Mark 8:1-10)
  • 1/21  A place of shared life & growth (Matthew 9:9-13)
  • 1/28  A place for serving others (2 Samuel 9:1-13)