Because relationships matter.

Love Gives: New teaching series


“For God so loved the world that He gave...” John 3:16

Everyone hears that generosity is a virtue, and something worth striving to become. Other messages that we hear way more, however, are ones that advertisers send us several times a day around our personal “need” for more — more stuff, more services, more things to make our own lives more comfortable and pleasurable.

With these self-centered messages and our finite resources, our giving decisions are not best made out of what we have left over. Rather, we can follow God’s example and give in ways that are motivated by love. Perhaps the greatest way God has shown His love to us through history is through how He gave. He gave us life, relationships, skills and talents, and the ability to help manage His resources. Most importantly, when we
could not save ourselves, in love He gave of Himself by sending His Son to die for us.

During “Love Gives” we will learn how to follow God’s lead and give to others as He gives to us, motivated by an intense love for us.

  • 11/11 Love Gives First
  • 11/18 Love Gives Gladly
  • 11/25 Love Gives Consistently