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Love Expressed: New teaching series


If I read through the Bible, what would I find?

With thousands of translations, billions of copies in print and now read on hundreds of millions of devices around the world, the Bible has remained popular for two millennia because it reveals the heart and plans of a loving Creator. Still, some find reading through it daunting.

We can help! Over the next 40 days we will read through one of the five major sections of the Bible (including the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Job). In these writings of poetry and wisdom we will see not only how God expresses His love toward us, but how we can respond by loving God and loving others.

During this series we will help immerse you into the experience. The messages in the weekend services will come from the passages we are reading each week. We also will provide everything from reading plans and tools to help you connect closer to God, to groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where you can discuss what you are reading with others.

Jesus said in the Great Commandment that the most important thing we can do in our humanity is to express love, as God has expressed His love toward us. Join us as we discover how that love has been expressed, and how we can express it to a world hungry for more of it.

Love is expressed ...

  • Feb. 3: Through Creativity
  • Feb. 10: By Unlimited Mercy
  • Feb. 17: Through Forgiveness and Restoration
  • Feb. 24: Through Wise Words
  • March 3: From a Giving Heart
  • March 10: While Protecting the Vulnerable
  • March 17: While Suffering Long with Others
  • March 24: Through Encouraging Words
  • March 31: Through Sharing and Worship