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Lost: New teaching series


Have you ever been lost? Lost on a highway, lost in the harsh elements, lost as a child at Disneyland or in the mall? You no doubt remember the feelings of anxiety and fear that grab you.  In those moments we are desperate to be found again, as quickly as possible, though we don't always know how to be.

Being physically lost, however, isn't the only way we get lost in life. Sometimes life brings us to a fork in the road; we are unsure which direction to go, though we know the path we choose will shape the future. There are times when circumstances lead us to a dark, uncertain place that feels like a wilderness, testing us to our limits and leaving us wondering what to do. And all too often, life can go so fast that we find ourselves distracted, going through the motions day after day, and we realize we need a better plan that will lead us closer to God.

Wilderness moments — moments when we might feel a little lost — are a natural part of life. They can even be a gift, causing us to stop and ask God to help us find our way. God, in His love for us, has a plan for each of our lives that gives direction, purpose, and ultimately leads us straight to Him.

As we go into a new year together, let's notice when we are feeling a little lost and find the path God has for each of us. Along the way we will also talk about the direction we are going as a church, some of the landmarks ahead in 2019, and how we can all play our part for the glory of God!

  • Jan. 6: STOP (Rest to Prepare Yourself) Hebrews 4:1-11
  • Jan. 13: THINK (Take A Good Look at Your Life) Job 22:12-30
  • Jan. 20: OBSERVE (See What God Sees) Luke 4:1-14
  • Jan. 27: PLAN (Decide Your Next Steps) 1 Corinthians 7:35

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