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God's Bumper Stickers: New message series


If you want to know what someone really values in this life, there are two places that tell all: their social media feeds and their car bumpers.

Instagram, Facebook and other feeds show pictures displaying what good cooks we are, how wealthy we are by the things we buy and vacations we take. Others show how successful or accomplished we are at work or in sports or hobbies. And then there is all the not-so-subtle bragging we like to do with our kids and grandkids, right?

The most important ways we see ourselves, though, tend to be in what we digest down to bumper stickers. They identify our political bent, whether we are marathon runners or world travelers, military vets, NRA or PETA members, prestigious university graduates, or proud parents of an honor roll student.

I wonder, if God had a car with bumper stickers, what would they be? Would they brag about His kids? If so, what would He say about us? What would He not care so much about?

Join us as we look at the things God has said about His children and the things He values most in us — because through them, we might come to see ourselves differently.