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Courage to Stand: New message series



Jeremiah:  The Weeping Prophet

The rabbis called him the "Weeping Prophet". He labored as God’s Prophet for 40 years, from 627 B.C. Who was this man? And what impact did he have on his world over 2-½ millennia ago? And what impact does his life and teachings have on us today?

From May 17 through July 26 we are going to study the life and times of Jeremiah. We invite you to discover through our Sunday messages what it means to stand tall as a Christ follower in a time when our world is broken and fallen.

  • Sunday, May 17, 2020:          "Jeremiah's Times and Our Times"
  • Sunday, May 24, 2020:          "God Files for Divorce"
  • Sunday, May 31, 2020:          "At the Crossroads"
  • Sunday, June 7, 2020:           "Reformation Then and Now"
  • Sunday, June 14, 2020:         "The Scarecrow in the Melon Patch"
  • Sunday, June 21, 2020:         "The Potter and the Clay"
  • Sunday,  June 28, 2020:        "Dark Night of the Soul"
  • Sunday, July 5, 2020:            "The New Covenant"
  • Sunday,  July 12, 2020:         "Book Burning"
  • Sunday,  July 19, 2020:         "The Day of Judgement"
  • Sunday, July 26, 2020:          "The Fate of Nations"