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What Child is This? Advent teaching series


Christmas Eve at Grace

Celebrate Jesus' Birth with Us on Sunday, December 24th

Grace will have identical services on Christmas Eve at 10:45am, 5:00pm, and 7:00pm. Note that there will not be a service at 9:00am.

Traditionally, the 5:00pm service tends to be very full. If seating or parking might be of concern for you or your guests, please take that into consideration and arrive early...or think about joining us at one of the other services.


What Child is This? It’s a question that has been asked for centuries by people all over the world. Who is this Jesus, really?

Many Jews see Jesus as a great political reformer and teacher. Muslims believe He was born of a virgin and was a great prophet, but still just a man and nothing more. Buddhists say He was an enlightened being, full of compassion, while Hindus see Jesus as a self-realized saint who reached the highest level of “God consciousness.” Yet Christians throughout the centuries have seen Him as God, come to earth in a human body, to save and establish a relationship with humanity.

The question asked in this well-known Christmas carol must have been on the minds of those present at Jesus’ birth. We can almost hear it being asked from one to another as they considered if this babe who lay in “such mean estate” was truly the promised Savior. Only through faith can we reach an answer.

So who do you say Jesus is? What value, what meaning does this baby, once born in a manger long ago, hold in your heart? How has He changed your life? If He hasn’t changed anything for you, what would you think about taking this Christmas season to explore that question for yourself?

Join us as we take a look at the Christmas story, each weekend through the eyes of a person in the story, and discover who Jesus was to them as we come to discover who He is to us.

  • 12/3 The Wise Men
  • 12/10 Herod
  • 12/17 The Shepherds
  • 12/24 Mary
  • 12/31 Joseph