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Because relationships matter.


What is the Blender all about?

In 1 Corinthians 12:24-27, Paul tells the church that "God has BLENDED together the body... Now you are Christ’s body, and each of you is a member of it." We know that students each have different gifts, strengths, frustrations, and joys. This is the reason that we are called the Blender.  We are designed to be a place where students in 6th-12th grade do four things: live life together, learn about Jesus, encounter God, and serve others.

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What does Sunday night look like?

The Blender meets every Sunday from 6-8 p.m.  Students meet at the church to connect with God and one another.  These gatherings are IMG_0172 (1)high energy, with  exciting games, a full meal, and solid Biblical input.  We break into affinity based groups for small group for high school students and age/ gender based small groups for junior high. These groups create a positive and challenging place for students to grow in their faith and relationships. Students grow closer to each other, learn and apply what the Bible has to say about life, and discuss issues students wrestle with on a daily basis.

Here's a normal schedule:

6:00 - All students arrive. JH students will go directly to small groups that are age/ gender divided while HS students go to the main Blender room for the chat.

6:25 - 7:00 - Students assemble together in the main Blender room for a game or music, a meal, announcements, and other activities that need the entire group of students together.

7:00 - HS students leave for small groups that are based on affinities and interests (some are co-ed) while the JH students stay in the main Blender room for their chat.

7:20 - JH chat is finished and JH students will participate in the Blender Bible Blitz. This is a game show type activity where students are broken into teams and compete in games and quizzes designed to reinforce the teaching as well as confirmation teaching. While students don't have to be involved in confirmation to do well, since there will be students on their team who are in confirmation, it is an advantage to those students who are participating in it. If you would like more information on how your student can get involved in confirmation, click here.

7:53 - Encounter God moment. We all gather in the sanctuary for a single, acoustic song and a few minutes to reflect on how we will take the teaching into the week. Our goal is that students are different on Monday because of how God met with them on Sunday night.

What's going on with small groups?

Our small groups are led by a group of Rockstars each week who invest in your lives. They are adults who desire to be there consistantly to help you move through the struggles you find.


What about Sunday mornings?

Grades 6-8 1/2: Confirmation taught by Ann Peterson and Rob Baker

Confirmation will begin in 6th grade and continue through December of 8th grade.  Students spend time learning about the Old Testament, New Testament, history of the church, and begin to practice some spiritual habits centered around daily time with God. Students will meet in Room 2 every Sunday during 2nd Service.


Grades 8 1/2-10: Blender Basics taught by Ryan and Becca Anderson,meeting in Room 1

In this class we will build on what they started in Confirmation.  Students who did not attend Confirmation will still be able to participate.  We will focus on Bible Study, practicing the Christian disciplines, and understanding worship in more depth than they had time for in Confirmation.

Monthly Schedule

  • 1st Sunday of every month (communion Sunday) the youth will attend the second service together and be encouraged to participate fully.
  • 2nd Sunday of every month the class will discuss the topic and questions from the service.
  • 3rd & 4th Sundays the class will discuss a book of the Bible.
  • 5th Sundays are Family Sundays. All worship together in the sanctuary.


Grades 11-12: Spiritual Gifts and Service taught by Rick Drost, meeting in Youth Pastor's Office

This class will meet during the second service and will focus on exploration of personal roles in the church (gifting, talents, passions) and involvement in service. The goal would be that the 12th graders would find a regular place to serve in the church and that all students would be mentored by adults who are serving in the church.

Monthly Schedule

  • 1st Sunday of every month (communion Sunday) the youth will attend the second service together and be encouraged to participate fully.
  • 2nd Sunday of every month the class will discuss issues surrounding the discovery of spiritual gifts and possibilities for service.
  • 3rd - 4th Sundays of every month the class will discuss the various opportunities for Christians to be involved in ministry inside and outside the local church. Special speakers from different organizations could be brought in to explain their ministry.
  • 5th Sundays are Family Sundays. All worship together in the sanctuary.


Grace is blessed with students from a variety of high schools on the Northwest side, including Basis, Canyon del Oro, homeschool, Ironwood Ridge, and Pusch Ridge Christian Academy. Middle School students come from Basis, Wilson, Casas, Cross, Coronado, Tortolita, and Pusch Ridge Christian.


Brinkley2017Brian Brinkley is Grace's Youth and Young Adult Pastor. He's joined by a number of dedicated individuals who want to see students have fun and grow in their commitment to Christ.  You can reach Brian at brian@gracetucson.org.

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